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Hewo everyone.

I'm taking suggestions for stories and characters for Anime Party. You can reach me at uchiha_hates_naruto@yahoo.com 


Itachi Kisame

Itachi & Kisame O_o

Alright my mentally deficient worm babies. I don’t know who in they’re right mind decided to send me this unholy mix of characters. I will get flamers on this, I already know, the mix of a blood cold killer and a comical shark man certainly do not go well in the fan literature gumbo.

By the way, Anime Party is getting a little useless at this point folks, I need your comments to keep it going. I will certainly add any characters that are requested, so message them to me. I heard a while ago about a lemon that was requested to be posted on my blog. It’s ok with me as long as you get it all in one shot, I don’t want to end up having chapters, just get it all on there.

As far as the ItaXKisa, I have contacted a good friend of mine who also thinks It is a absolutely horrid idea. I also wanted an opinion from you all. I’m thinking about putting fan art on the ends of my stories, to give a finishing touch. If you have any questions or suggestions on the matter, message me please.


www.DeviantArt.com and find so much fan art with the two of them. D:

*sigh* Well…might as well give it a go. However retarded it may be. Here ya go.

TITLE: Itachi & Kisame: A Fraternized Friendship?

RATING: M for mature audiences for language, violence, and sexual content.

SUMMARY: As we all know, Kisame is probably the only friend Itachi has ever and will ever have. Itachi has probably never had a romance, and there have been questions about his sexuality. Fill in the blanks.






Kisame & Itachi


Itachi stared down into the valley, his long black hair, unruly in a gust of wind. Kisame, a half shark, half human, walked up behind him. They both looked upon a small village. Aside from the whistling wind, it was silent. They really didn’t have a reason to attack the village, besides boredom. But Itachi found a unorthodox reason. He leaned slightly in Kisame’s direction, so Kisame could hear him over the wind.

“How long…do you think it would take…?” asked Itachi, a corrupt smile upon his lips. Kisame’s eyes shifted in Itachi’s direction, then his vision returned to the village. Itachi leapt off the cliff, sprinting towards the unsuspecting village, Kisame sprinted behind him, Carrying his massive sword, Samehada, upon his shoulder.

The two renegade shinobi rampaged the insignificant village, killing as they went. Women, children, it didn’t matter. When they finally left the village, they walked leisurely, their clothes blood splattered. Itachi wiped some excess blood off his cheek. He removed his coat. The blood was vibrant and bright on the dark black coat, however, near the bottom of the coat, the red blended into a camouflage against the bright clouds. Under the coat lay across his body a clean fishnet under shirt. Kisame too took off his blood soaked coat. Itachi led them to a small waterfall. He submersed his jacket in the clear water, the blood washing off in a large wisp of crimson. Kisame had never really noticed before…Itachi had a very slight body frame, despite his muscular build. He was quite small compared to Kisame. The main thing that made him so frightful was the icy cold stare. He was many times more foreboding when the Sharingan surfaced. Turning the icy cold stare into a gaze of furious flame, invoking fear in any heart. Kisame thought…He was rather cute beneath the frosty glare. He wouldn’t dare say it to his face though. He’d probably get punched. Kisame’s face flushed when Itachi removed his clothing to cleanse himself of the blood. He submersed himself underwater, rising again, and tossing his hair back. His wintry gaze met Kisame’s self-conscious ones. Itachi stared at him, calculating him. Unseen by Kisame from that distance, the corners of Itachi’s mouth turned up, ever so slightly.

“Don’t tell me you’re not going to clean yourself. The smell of the blood is going to be sickening. You’ll smell like a corpse.” said Itachi slyly, the mischief not too apparent in his voice. Kisame snapped out of his trance, a look of dismay upon his face, followed by the further reddening of his cheeks. Even then, he didn’t want Itachi to think him a coward, or give any clue to his feelings. He quickly slid out of his clothing, and slipped into the sun warmed water. He swam as far away from Itachi as possible, as to hide his red face.

As Kisame washed slowly, deep in thought, Itachi submersed himself underwater, and swam his way over to the unsuspecting Kisame. He rose from the water behind Kisame.

“Kisame…you know…it‘s quite obvious. The way you stare…” said Itachi quietly. Kisame jumped slightly, then his broad shoulders relaxed.

“Yes…” said Kisame, a sight tone of guilt in his voice, Itachi picked it up.

“Are you ashamed of it?” asked Itachi, looking up at Kisame directly. Kisame tried to avoid his stare, but still found himself looking into his dark eyes.

“Yes…” repeated Kisame, still gazing into Itachi’s cold eyes. The corners of Itachi’s mouth turned up ever so slightly.





All right. *smacks forehead* This is so ridiculous. And yet I look at


It’s true. Yaoi has been an incomprehensible love of high school age girls for a while now. Yaoi and shonen-ai are possibly the most popular thing right now, aside from the depressing computer game: Sims. I call it depressing because after a while you realize the only reason you are playing the ridiculous game of which the language is not understandable is because you wish you could simply press a button and get “Woo Hoo.”

But that is besides the point. Yaoi has been strangely appealing for a while now, evolving slowly over the years, growing especially well because anime is slowly but surely burrowing it’s way into America’s heart. I’m here to explain these things. In this documentary, we will walk through the not yet history of yaoi. Join me. There is method to my madness.

Just as it was in Japan, Naruto has been a smash hit in America, producing not only malformed action figures but also pumping out yaoi from the demented and polluted minds of teenagers. Because of Naruto’s popularity now in America, dozens of new stories, such as the understandable SasukeXNaruto, to the delightfully confusing LeeXNeji, blogs such as FanFiction.net and LiveJournal.com have been packed with witty and fast paced yaoi. Should you go onto art sites such as DeviantArt.com you can find a few shonen-ai comics if you look hard enough. Yes, I did.

But anime is not the only victim here. Game characters have been madly popular as well. Many people are digging for characters, or are simply dedicated to a game, as many computer nerds are. The never ending series Final Fantasy has stuck out like a sore thumb in the eye of the yaoi public, one of the most popular being Final Fantasy 7, with many men to mix and match. Kingdom Hearts, and the wonderful sequel will always find a place in my heart, but I was quite surprised to find that the abundance of yaoi that I had expected was missing. With so many silver haired beauties you would have thought that there would have been more. And then I found it. All of the yaois I had imagined had simply been in a different medium. Fan art. I simply was looking in the wrong place! A wonderful harvest of yaoi was blessed upon me in the form of fan art. Some good, some bad, but certainly a lot. In fact I couldn’t find a page with out a lovely picture of my favorite: SoraXRiku. However, we are getting off topic. Final Fantasy has been a target for lovely little mixes such as the very common CloudXSephiroth. Some other Cloud mixes have come up as well. Here is my current list: CloudXVincent, CloudXRufus, CloudXReno, CloudXTseng, CloudXLoz, CloudXKadaj, CloudXYazoo. I think it is quite clear Cloud is a man whore.

In conclusion, it is obvious that yaoi is growing more popular every day, sucking poor souls into the swirling vortex of websites and pages we call the internet. Keep your head in all this crude and inappropriate story content. Good day.

Heh. Head.


Interesting new story for beloved Hinata

Chapter 1
One morning, while Hinata was brushing her teeth, she decided that enough was enough. She was tired of being the nice little girl who everyone pushed around. No, today, she was going to be a different person. She was going to change, just like Naruto-kun had done. She was not going to be a wimp. She was going to be a winner!

Her father yelled from downstairs, "Hinata! Did you clean up your room?"

"Y-y-yes, I did!"

"You better have, you useless weakling!"

Hinata did not reply, as a vein throbbed inside her forehead. F8ck this, she said to herself, as her eyes strayed over to her father's toothbrush, which was sitting before her on the sink. She then giggled evilly as she picked up her dad's toothbrush and swished it around inside the toilet bowl. "Hee hee hee! I'm so naughty! Hope your breath is minty fresh, pops! Hee hee hee!"

"Hey Hinata!" Her little bratty sister, Hanabi, was at the bathroom door. "What are you doing?!"

"I-I-I'm cleaning dad's toothbrush," Hinata replied in her quavering voice. "Wh-wh-what does it look like I'm doing, you stupid b-b-bitch?!"

Hanabi gasped at her older sister's bad language. "Oh my god, you swore! And you're doing something bad to dad's toothbrush! I'm telling on you!"

"Toilet water tastes good though. Honest!"

"It does?"

"Yes, it does!" Hinata then grabbed her sister and dunked her head into the bowl. "See?! It tastes good, doesn't it!"

Her little sister gurgled, "Glaargh!"

Hinata let her sister struggle for a couple moments, then she pulled her out of the bowl. "So, you gonna tell pops or not?"

The terrified Hanabi shook her head. "No! I won't tell, I promise!"

"Better not. Bitch." Hinata dropped her sister. "Tell dad that I'm going out to train with my teammates."

* * *

As Hinata walked out of her house, she noticed that cranky cousin of hers, Neji, sitting off to the side. She called out, "Hi Neji! How are you feeling today?"

Neji blinked at her unexpected greeting. Usually Hinata just avoided him whenever she could. "Uh, I'm feeling fine, Hinata-sama."

"Oh, I see..." Hinata activated the Caged Birdie Seal on his forehead. "Well then, how you feeling now, BITCH?!"

"Aaaargh!" Neji was rolling on the ground, holding his head in agony. "Stop it! Please stop!"

"Oh fine, just because you said please." Hinata turned off the seal. "Remember, Neji, you're my bitch. Don't you ever forget that. If you even dare to look at me funny, I'm gonna fry your brain into dried-up little rat turds."

Neji was too shocked to respond, as Hinata walked off...

* * *

Kiba and Shino were both waiting for her outside the Hyuuga estate. And Kiba called out, "Hey Hinata! What's up?"

"Nothing much." Hinata sighed. "Hey, let's practice at Training Area #12 today!"

"No way!" Kiba pointed to himself. "I'm the leader, and I say we practice at Training Area #5!"

"Oh okay..." Hinata kicked Kiba in the nards. "Whatever you say, leader!"

"Yowwww!" Kiba rolled around, cradling his nuts while Akamaru yapped angrily at the cackling Hinata. "Hinata, what was that?!"

Hinata ignored Kiba, mostly because that damned mutt Akamaru was being really annoying. "Shut up, you stupid mutt!"

"Yap yap yap!"

"Shut up!" Hinata reared back a leg and booted the howling Akamaru over some nearby power lines. "God damn, I hate dogs."

The ever quiet Shino looked with concern upon his teammate. "Hinata, are you feeling okay?"

Hinata answered his question with her own question: "Hey Shino, is that one of your bugs down there on the ground?"

Shino looked down where she was pointing, and he nodded. "Yes, that is one of my Kikai bugs."

"Oh okay." Hinata smashed a foot down onto the hapless bug. "Well, he's not one of your Kikai bugs anymore, ya hahahaha!"

Shino screamed in anguish as he dropped down to his knees next to the fallen insect. "Nooo, you killed Hubert! Hubert, speak to me! Hubert! It's okay, just hang in there, I'll get you to a hospital!"

While Shino wailed over his downed comrade, Hinata sighed in satisfaction as she looked up to the sky. "You know what. Fuck this training shit. I think I'm gonna go pay a visit to Naruto-kun."


Chapter 2
After her encounter with Kiba and Shino, Hinata was feeling a little bit better now, almost out of her bad mood. So she started to hum to herself, "I wonder where Narutokun is"...

She then saw Naruto's jounin sensei, Kakashi Hatake, walking down the street, head down and reading some book, seemingly unaware of his surroundings. Hinata whispered in that creepy voice like that Darth Vader-sounding rain nin in the Forest of Death: "Luckyyyyyy! Kakashi will know where Narutokun is!"

She then called out in her stammering voice, "Hi, Ka-ka-Kakashisan!"

Without looking up from his book, Kakashi held up a hand in greeting. "Yo. What's up, Hinata?"

"I was just wondering, do you know where Narutokun is?"

"Mmmm." Kakashi nodded as his eye continued to scan the newest volume of Come Come Violence volume. "I believe he is training with Jiraiya at the beach."

"At the beach? Why?"

"Jiraiya likes to train Naruto at the beach because of all the scantily clad women there."

"He does? Ooooh, that dirty old man! How dare he corrupt the mind of my dear dear Narutokun!" Sweet Nice Hinata was starting to morph into Big Bad Hinata now. "If I find that old fart encouraging Narutokun to ogle women other than me, I am gonna pull out all of that old man's hair! And I'll kill and eat his froggy pets too, I'll be like the French and eat their legs with garlic and butter! Yahaha!" She cackled insanely into the suddenly dark sky as thunder clapped high above. "Yahahaha, I'm so evil!"

"Mmm?" Kakashi had not been listening to her. "What was that? You like to eat butter? That's nice."

"Grrr." Big Bad Hinata glowered at the annoying cool and hip Kakashi. "I don't like you! You think you're so cool!"

"Mmm." Kakashi nodded. "That's nice."

"You dirty pervert! I can't believe you read this nasty book in front of everyone! I bet you whack off to porn mags in your spare time!"

"Mmm." Kakashi nodded. "Yes, I do."

"What! Damn it, you're an open pervert?" Hinata stomped her feet, infuriated by her inability to get a rise out of Kakashi. "You smell funny! You have a small penis! Kurenai-sensei thinks you're gay! Gai-sensei thinks you're hot! Tsunade-sama says that she's carrying your child! I HATE YOU!!!"

"Mmm." Kakashi nodded. "That's nice."

"ARRRRR!" Shaking in uncontrollable fury, Hinata scurried over and started to kick dust onto Kakashi's feet. "I h-h-hate you! Waaaah!"

A sobbing Hinata then ran away, and Kakashi finally looked up from his book, sadly shaking his head. "Poor girl. She definitely has some issues."


Hinata had finally gotten over her crying jag, and as she neared the beach, she was starting to feel bad about herself (big surprise). She really should not have been so mean to Kakashi-san. He was always nice to her whenever they ran into each other, he didn't deserve that sort of treatment...

"Ok," Hinata said to herself. "From now on, I'll be mean only to people who deserve it!" She thought about all the people she had been mean to so far. "Well, that little brat Hanabi deserved it! That snotty jerk Neji deserved it! That bossy butthead Kiba deserved it! But I guess I should apologize to Shino sometime. He doesn't say anything mean to me. Actually, he doesn't say anything at all, but oh well. Maybe I should buy him a new kikai bug at the pet store - "

Hinata was now walking on the beach, but she suddenly stopped and jumped into the bushes to hide, because she recognized a pair of S-ranked criminals sitting on the sand in the distance! "Oh my god," she gasped. "It's those Akatsuki guys, Itachi and Kisame!"

Clad in swimming trunks, Itachi and Kisame were sitting on a pair of beach towels and under a big umbrella. Kisame was sitting up and nervously hugging a surfboard to himself, while Itachi lay on the ground with a hand rolled cigarette in his mouth. Itachi did not have his Sharingan on, but his eyes were red anyway due to all the pot he had smoked.

"Duuuude," Itachi said in his deadened monotone. "This stuff is way good. I, like, can't feel my hands and stuff."

Kisame nodded, clearly agitated and preoccupied with something else. "Hey Itachi, let's go surf! Together!"

"Whaa?" Itachi was snapping his fingers in front of his bleary eyes. "You wanna surf together? Why?"

Kisame nervously laughed, "It'll be fun! Come on, let's go!"

Itachi was repeatedly patting his face with his hands now. "I don't feel like surfing. You go surf by yourself."

Kisame squeaked, "But I don't want to! It's scary surfing by yourself - "

"Hey, you two!" A stern Kurenai, dressed in a red lifeguard bathing suit, walked up to them with her hands on hips. "Uchiha Itachi and Hoshikigi Kisame! What are you two doing here on Konoha Beach??"

"Ahhh." Itachi finally sat up, scratching his head. "I dunno."

"You two are not here to cause trouble like last time, are you??"

"Ahhh, I dunno." Itachi leered at Kurenai's hot body. "You want me to cause some trouble, babe?"

Kurenai sighed, used to the harrassment. "No, I don't. Look, just behave yourselves this time around, okay?"

Itachi asked, "If I do something bad, will you spank me?"

"No, I will not spank you - what's this smell?" Kurenai snatched the joint from Itachi's fingers. "Wait a minute, young man! Is this pot??"

Itachi blearily blinked, wondering where his joint had gone. "Heyyy, where did my joint go - heyyyyyy, give it back!" He reached up with a hand. "Heyyyy, babe, give it back!"

"Sorry, buddy, I'm confiscating this." Kurenai then noticed that Kisame was sitting off to the side, still clutching his surfboard as he nervously bit his purple nails. "Hey, what's with you? Are you okay?"

Kisame said in a voice alarmingly like Sweet Nice Hinata's: "I-I-I'm okay. I'm gonna go surf, but I'm just a little scared right now, that's all."

Kurenai blinked as she held the joint far away from Itachi's ponderously pawing hands. "Scared? Scared of what?"

Kisame said, "Sharks. I'm afraid of sharks."

"What??" Kurenai was astonished, to say the least. "You're scared of sharks?? No way!"

"I know, I know, it's so stupid, isn't it!" Kisame was openly sobbing now. "No one would ever imagine that a powerful S-ranked criminal and a famous Akatsuki member like me could ever be scared of a shark, right?"

"Well, yeah. I mean, you do look like a - "

Kisame screamed, "It's the eyes! Oh, the eyes! Their eyes are so tiny and round and inhuman! And their teeth! Their pointy sharp killer teeth! So frightening!"

Kurenai blinked at Kisame and his inhuman round eyes and his pointy sharp teeth. "Um, but hold on, what about you - "

"You've watched the movie Jaws, right?"

"Of course."

"Then you know how scary sharks are! Oh god, when I saw Jaws, I then realized that sharks are the coldest merciless killing machines, built only to hunt and kill! Did you know that even their skin can cut flesh?? It scrapes at you, paring your tissue down to the bone! Oh lord, I tell you, sharks are heartless cruel killers, all of them! I hope I never see one ever!"

"Oh, whatever." Kurenai shook her head. "But let me tell one thing. There are no sharks in these waters."

Kisame looked up in hope. "Really? No sharks??"

"There hasn't been a shark sighting in years."

"Oh! Okay then!" Kisame jumped up from the sand with his surfboard in hand. "In that case, surf's up, dude!"

"That's the spirit! Go find a wave to ride on!" Kurenai then grabbed another joint which Itachi had just put to his mouth. "Oh no you don't!"

Itachi whined, "Awww, come on! I got a prescription for this stuff, I swear!"

"Oh really? Let me see it, then."

"Ah... uh... I left it at home."

While Itachi tried to convince Kurenai that his pot stash was legal, Sweet Nice Hinata was saying to herself from the bushes, "Poor Kisame-san! He's so scared of sharks! I really hope he gets over his fear - wait a minute! Narutokun told me that Kisame-san once tried to chop off his leg! Kisame-san has been MEAN to Narutokun!"

Hinata was now Big Bad Hinata. And she growled, "Ahahahaha, so Kisame is afraid of sharks, is he??"

Chapter 3
Ten minutes later, a big crowd of people was standing in a circle around Kurenai and a half-drowned Kisame. Kurenai was busy trying to resuscitate the shark dude, as she called out, "What happened?? Did anyone see what happened??"

Itachi was standing unsteadily on his feet as he said, "Well, uh, you see, babe, Kisame was, like, swimming out to catch a wave and stuff to surf on, you know, and then he, like, uh, started screaming something about sharks and stuff."

"Sharks??" Kurenai gasped. "He saw a shark out there??"

"I guess so. He was, like, screaming stuff like 'shark shark, ahhh, help me, i'm going to die, ahhhhh!' And he started to thrash around like this," Itachi slowly waved his arms around. "And he was never a good swimmer in the first place, either. Whenever we Akatsuki guys did our swimming drills, he always placed dead last - "

"Hee hee hee!" Hinata jumped into the circle now, and she started to kick sand onto Kisame's face. "Take that, you mean Akatsuki guy! Take that! And that! And that!"

Kurenai gasped. "Hinata! What are you doing??"

"This guy had it coming, Kurenai sensei! He was so mean to Narutokun, he tried to chop off Naruto's leg!"

Kurenai then noticed that Hinata had some scuba equipment and a big rubber dorsal fin underneath her arm. "Hinata! Don't tell me you were posing as a shark just to scare this man half to death! He isn't even breathing right now!"

Hinata cackled, "Yes, it was me! And I don't care if he dies! You hear me, I'm sick and tired of being nice! I was bad, I was bad, I was bad! Hahahaha - "

"BANZAI!" Jiraiya jumped into the circle now, and he leered at the kuniochi lifeguard. "Hello, my dear Kurenai! Are you in need of assistance?"

"Oh." Kurenai rolled her eyes. "Hi, Jiraiya-san. No, I don't need any help."

"Oh, are you sure?" Jiraiya flexed his muscles. "I am Jiraiya, the dashingly handsome and legendary Frog Hermit AND an expert at first aid medical procedures!"

Naruto suddenly barged into the scene, planting a foot into Jiraiya's face. "Shut up, Jiraiya sensei! Stop bothering Kurenai san!"
Jiraiya shouted, "Naruto, you just don't understand what it takes to be a man, do you? When you see a hot woman, you have to announce your presence and ogle her! Like this!" Jiraiya's eyes bugged out at Kurenai's bosoms. "Oooh hoo hoo hoo! Big guns!"

Kurenai rolled her eyes again. "My goodness."

Naruto shouted, "Jiraiya-sensei, you're gross!"

"Oh, come on, Naruto!" Jiraiya gestured to Kurenai's rack. "Don't tell me that you don't find this to be such a wondrous sight!"

Naruto turned beet red as he turned to look at Kurenai's twin mountains. "Well, I... you know, I'm not interested in such things yet... I think..." He swallowed hard. "Well, I guess it isn't so bad - "

A bleated wail from Hinata. "Narutokun!"

"Waaaah!" Naruto fell over when he realized that Hinata was practically standing right next to him. "Hinata! What are you doing here??"

"NARUTOKUN!" Hinata was crying openly now. "You dirty dirty boy, I can't believe you were checking out my teacher, of all people!"

Naruto stammered, "Hinata, wait, I couldn't help it, they're so big - no, wait! That's not what I meant to say - "

"SHUT UP!" Hinata screamed as she threw her scuba gear off Jiraiya's head. "I hate you! You corrupted my dear Narutokun!"

"Ow," Jiraiya rubbed his head. "That kinda hurt."

Hinata hurled her rubber dorsal fin off Kurenai's head now. "And I hate you, Kurenai sensei! How dare you have bigger boobs than I do??"

Kurenai blinked. "Wait, Hinata! You don't understand, I HAVE to wear a bathing suit, that's what lifeguards wear - "

"I don't care! I hate all of you! Except for you, Narutokun. I'm just angry at you right now, that's all."

Kurenai called out to Hinata, but the Hyuuga girl did not listen as she ran away. She accidentally ran into Itachi, and she shouted, "Out of my way!" as she shoved the stoned guy to the ground.

"Heyyyyyyy." Itachi was surprised to find himself sitting on the ground, all of a sudden. "Dude, what's her problem?"


A madly crying Hinata stomped down the sidewalk, swearing revenge on that nasty old man Jiraiya. She wasn't really mad at Kurenai sensei, after all, it wasn't Kurenai's fault that her boobs were so big. And it certainly wasn't Narutokun's fault, Narutokun was the sweetest boy ever!

But still, Hinata felt lousy, and she wanted to feel better about herself. As she stomped along her way, she was now saying to herself, "I'll show everyone that I can be a sexy woman, just like Kurenai sensei! I swear, the FIRST boy that I meet on this sidewalk, I will kiss him, ask him out on a date, and then I will seduce him! Yeah, that's what I will do! I'll show everyone that i can be as sexy as anyone - "

"Hey Hinata, what's up?"

"Huh?" Hinata looked up to see that fat ugly guy Akimichi Choji standing in front of her with a can of Pringles in his hands. "Choji?"

"Hey Hinata, you okay? You look like you've been crying."

"Ah, I'm okay, Choji, really, I am!" Hinata ran away before he could say another word. "Bye bye!"

Choji blinked as he stuffed another Pringle into his mouth. "Huh?"

Hinata hurried along, thinking to herself, "Okay, okay, I changed my mind, I swear, the SECOND boy that I meet on this sidewalk, I will kiss him, ask him out on a date, and then I will seduce him! Yeah, that's what I will do!"

Here is a brilliant story some genius made. My little ode to Itachi if you will. It's kinda for you dj_shadow here ya go!


 Uchiha Itachi lay on his back. Most of his body was numb, but he could still feel the torn blades of grass on the back of his neck. He tried to move his left arm, but found that in its current, broken condition all it did was complain. Painfully.

His head shifted so he could look out over his left shoulder. Yes, the arm was indeed broken. And stabbed. And maimed. Not that it mattered really; he was in a bad way all over.

His sharp eyes caught Sasuke dragging himself upright, but only getting to his hands and knees. From the way he was shaking, Itachi surmised the damage he sustained was extremely severe. The younger man would probably collapse again in a few… no, there he goes.

Pitching face down, Uchiha Sasuke crashed most ungracefully to the packed earth, a small cry of pain slipping from his lips. His brother had broken most of his ribs. It took everything he had to roll himself onto his back.

Itachi snorted and Sasuke twitched violently. His head snapped around and examined his fallen brother. The face betrayed shock, his mouth open in a silent 'o.' "You're still alive?" his voice was incredulous, but it wasn't surprising considering the sheer power of the final technique he unleashed on Itachi. The elder brother stared back impassively.

"Aa," he said after a pause. Itachi disliked conversing with Sasuke, because his brother always had all these irritating questions like 'Why?' and 'What's wrong with you?' and, recently, 'How did you manage it all?' But stupid questions like that were Sasuke all over. Itachi believed that by now, Sasuke should already know the answers to those questions.

Now if he would just hurry up and finish the job.

It wasn't that Itachi wanted to die, but he understood well that he had to. For the sins he had committed, he was destined for punishment. It did not anger or sadden him, because the anthracite-haired man knew that was the way the world worked. Didn't mean that he wasn't going to fight it every step of the way, because Itachi was the sort that believed in going the whole nine yards on everything. But it did mean that he had enough dignity and foresight to not embarrass himself by kicking and screaming and making a bloody idiot out of himself when that punishment came.

Or cry out some long-winded exposition. Those had always irritated him, because he was an efficient man by nature and habit, and when an opponent wasted his time trying to talk his way out of fighting, Itachi felt it was his duty to correct this misconception.

No, Itachi wanted Sasuke to expedite the process because he knew Orochimaru was skulking around somewhere, much like a snake in the proverbial grass the man was so fond of. Itachi knew his limits well enough to know that he was not fatally wounded and, if he knew his capacity well enough, he was almost positive that he was incapable of fending off the snake sennin in his present mangled condition. And Orochimaru wouldn't hesitate to take Itachi back to his lair and peel out his soul and take a walk in the Uchiha's skin.

After all, why would anyone want Sasuke when they could have Itachi?

For the first time in almost a year, Itachi frowned, truly distressed by this thought.

Was this Orochimaru's plan all along? Get Sasuke to weaken me to the point where he could take over my body without resistance?

His brother was struggling to get up again, but toppled like a small child once again. It fit, knowing Orochimaru as well as Itachi did. The man was seductive, manipulative and utterly ruthless. People said Itachi was callous, but Orochimaru made him look downright friendly by comparison. Well played, he thought bitterly, knowing there was nothing he could do now to stop him.

"I can't go on." Sasuke admitted, ashamed.

"Che," Itachi's mouth pressed into a hard line, "To come so far, only to fail," he sneered, hoping to engage that righteous anger his brother often exhibited. As it was, all he could feel was disappointment. He had been almost positive that Sasuke would do it this time.

Sasuke glared right back at him, but did nothing. There was silence for a while, though how long, Itachi did not know. His eyes were beginning to see double, and he would have bet money that Sasuke had given him a concussion, were he a betting man. For a second, Itachi hoped that he would pass out from the pain before his little brother began asking him questions.

"So…" Sasuke began, trying to sound cool and casual but failing, "what do we do now?" the older man cursed under his breath.

"Lay here." The elder brother's head rolled back to gaze impassively at the sky, and that annoyed the younger brother greatly.

How dare he ignore me after I kicked his ass! Look at me, you bastard, look at me! Had Itachi been looking at him, he would have seen this desire reflected in Sasuke's onyx eyes. Do something! Anything!

"Talk to me," the boy with the midnight-blue hair demanded.

"Why?" Now Itachi just sounded bored.

"Because I beat you," Sasuke growled, "and after all this fucking time, I deserve some goddamn answers, that's why!"

"You didn't defeat me," Itachi corrected, "and if you were really capable of doing so, you wouldn't need me to tell you answers." His voice was rough from under-use. The taller man could speak in short sentences and not have it be obvious, but years of silence had taken most of the lustrous quality that Sasuke could remember from their childhood. But the disappointment was still unmistakable.

He flinched as though slapped. It was the first time he could really remember Itachi ever sounding scornful.

"I knocked you into the ground, damn it!" the boy raged, "I kicked your ass! I won this time!"

Itachi scoffed. "If you won, then why are we having his conversation?" the younger man could not hold his brother's intense gaze, "Did you not swear to kill me and avenge the clan, Sasuke?" he flushed with embarrassment as the elder Uchiha continued, "You aren't even strong enough to do that much, so how can you be strong enough to endure the answers you so desperately desire?"

They didn't speak again for a few minutes. Each brooding silently, their foul moods grew exponentially.

Eventually, Sasuke risked speaking again, "Why did you do it?" Itachi looked over at him, his eyebrows furrowed in a glare, "Kill them all, I mean," he clarified.
It was unnecessary. The grey-haired man knew exactly what Sasuke meant, even before he had spoken. It was the benefit of knowing his brother almost as well as he knew himself. He didn't answer for a long time. In his mind, he was weighing the pros and cons of telling Sasuke. Getting him to shut up was a definite plus and far outweighed the nagging annoyance of being misunderstood.

"There is always more than one reason for an action. Do you really want to know?"

"Yes," Sasuke answered, without vacillation.

"I killed them because they were weak and deserved to die." He said nothing more and went back to staring at the flock of birds overhead.

Sasuke rolled his eyes, "Why though?" His brother had always been purposefully vague whenever he spoke. The marked Uchiha had once thought it was because he wasn't old enough to understand what Itachi was talking about, but as he had grown older, Sasuke came to realize that some of the things that his aniki told him made absolutely no sense. Probably on purpose, cause his brother had always like to do things like that.

"Because the clan wanted to gain knowledge without bothering to understand it." By the look on his little brother's face, it was obvious that he did not understand. Typical. He sighed, "They took any technique they wanted without bothering to learn how or why it worked. The Sharingan does not require us to understand the technique to use it. That is why the Uchiha were feared."

At least he's paying attention, both Uchiha thought. "So what?" Sasuke asked, still unsure of the point.

"True strength isn't the number of techniques you know," Itachi said, "True strength comes with self-understanding and the knowledge of 'Why' and 'How,'" a delicate grey eyebrow peaked, "If you were truly strong, then you would not have had to ask 'Why?' Sasuke. With this true strength you would have defeated me..."
"So you're saying the most powerful clan in Konoha was weak?" he had a hard time imagining his father and uncles as anything but pillars of strength. But Itachi had killed them all, so that would make him what? A god amongst men? Sasuke had just proved that wrong by immobilizing him.


Had Sasuke been capable, he would have thrown up his hands in frustration and walked away. As it was, he lay there and stewed in his own anger. When the quiet had stretched long enough to be considered uncomfortable, Sasuke spoke up again.

"Why didn't you go all-out on me?" his voice came out softer than he had expected.

"Hn," was Itachi's clever retort, clearly amused by the question for some unfathomable reason, "the Mangekyou Sharingan would have canceled one another out, Sasuke. It would be a waste of chakra." When Sasuke nodded as though it were news to him, his brother's eyes narrowed, "You did know that?"

Now Sasuke gave him a feral grin, "No, I didn't." The grey-haired man hated it when someone knew something he didn't.

"But, if you have the Mangekyou Sharingan, that much should have been obvious," his eyes widened as a stray thought nudged its way into the spotlight, "Certainly you have…" Sasuke's grin spread, "the Kyuubi boy?" Sasuke shook his head slowly, delighting in the confusion in his brother's eyes, "the girl?" again, Itachi was denied, "that idiot Hatake?" if Sasuke didn't know better, he'd have to say the other man was begging. He still shook his head in the negative.

For a blind moment of panic, Itachi realized that he had completely overestimated Sasuke's capabilities. His mind fumbled for the name of another possible sacrifice… "It was the Yamanaka girl, right?" he almost felt relieved when he finally came up with a person.

"No aniki," now his otouto's voice was measured, but a mocking note of satisfaction rang through, "You once told me to run and live miserably. I did just what you asked."

Confusion spilled out of Itachi's eyes and ran down his face. There was respect, shock and a little bit of horror there now and the boy knew his brother understood what he was saying already. But he said it anyway, knowing that he would take pleasure in his brother's reaction.

"I never let anyone get close, Itachi, just like you told me to," his brother's mouth was hanging open in disbelief now, "I can't use the Mangekyou Sharingan!" Sasuke had never before taken such glee in his own shortcomings.

Deep down, Itachi was squirming, shocked to know that his useless, pathetic little brother had never mastered the technique that had given him so much strength. How could he have injured me so severely without it…? It didn't make any sense, and Itachi hated it when things didn't add up.

And guessing by the smug look on Sasuke's face, he must have understood exactly how his brother felt.

There was a time in his life when Itachi would have been pushed to violence by a smirk like that. But it had been so long since someone had actually understood him that he considered it enough of a novelty to allow Sasuke his moment. He had thinking to do instead.

When Itachi didn't ask, Sasuke's superior attitude slipped. "Well," he glowered, "Don't you want to know?"

"No." Itachi's head rolled to look away from Sasuke and the younger man distinctly heard the sound of bone grating together. He frowned, knowing his brother was unable to see it. How close to breaking his neck had Sasuke come? Just a few inches higher with that last kick? Just a little bit harder?

"I have figured it out." And his brother didn't doubt him. He wasn't a genius of frightening potential for nothing, after all.

"Oh," Sasuke said, non-plussed. His moment of triumph was swept away and all he had now was the aching pain along his spine and limbs.

He had used a kinjutsu to beat his brother. It was one of the more self-destructive of those sorts of techniques, but it was forbidden none-the-less. It had taken quite a lot to get someone to teach it to him, and once he'd learned it, he had left the Leaf for good. People had cried, Naruto had threatened him, and Sakura had begged him to stay, but it was not to be. The calling for his brother's blood was far too strong, regardless of what he was offered.

So he ran headlong into Orochimaru's clutches, knowing full well what the snake would do with him when he completed his objective. But he knew that the sennin would allow him to achieve it. Hell, he'd do everything he could to assist him, because Orochimaru was terrified of Itachi, and with good reason. Rumor among the curse seals was that Itachi was the reason Orochimaru lost his original body. Whenever Sasuke spoke his name, Orochimaru seemed to pale just a little more than usual and a fine sweat would break out on his forehead.

The sennin had taught him jutsu and trained him to be the strongest of all his many subordinates.

But Sasuke had never told him about the kinjutsu. It was his trump card and who knew where Itachi had ears and eyes.

So he had waited and trained until the day had arrived when he was confident that he could fight Itachi for the very last time. With his training complete and his physical body perfected, Sasuke had gone about perfecting his soul. He had abandoned the memories of his old life and the Uchiha clan as he set ablaze the sprawling Uchiha compound. He had given away his compassion when he found a familiar face injured on the side of the road.

"I never expected this of you, Uchiha." Neji fingered the bandages on his arms and chest as though they were bonds.

"Just say 'Thank You' Hyuuga and tell me what you know about my brother." His arms were crossed over his chest and his lips were set in a hard line.
So Neji had, and he told him of the accord they had struck during their short, one-sided battle. Neji had walked away the loser there, but it was not surprising. No one but Sasuke could kill Itachi and that Hyuuga was fooling himself if he believed otherwise. That's just how it was.

To say the least, Sasuke had been surprised. A little relieved, because one of his duties was lifted now, and it had hardened his resolved even more. Even Orochimaru had been shocked when Sasuke strode boldly through the front doors and demanded to speak with him. The bastard had recovered his equilibrium quickly, though.

He had found Itachi in the middle of the night and they had been battling for hours. Genjutsu is just slightly better than useless against a Sharingan, so they had both dispensed with that quickly. Itachi was quite a bit better than Sasuke in the fields of Ninjutsu and Taijutsu, so he had been at a great disadvantage through the fight.
It had been foolish to count on the cursed seal. The mastery of flames given at the second level was as nothing in comparison to the Amaterasu Sharingan. Where Sasuke could bend the flame to his will, Itachi could make it dance. Fire followed his every thought and whim, spreading and condensing and consuming on a level Sasuke could only hope to imitate. When in the thrall of the sun god, Itachi became the very essence of the inferno, destroying all that dared to touch him.
Except Sasuke. His immunity prevented that. Only an Uchiha can stop another Uchiha.

So Sasuke had lunged to grapple his brother, and they had fought a desperate taijutsu battle that pushed both to the limits of their strength and reflexes. Itachi was still superior. The younger Uchiha could feel the gap between them, and for the first time he understood that it was simply impossible for him to ever surpass his elder brother.

So he had activated the kinjutsu, without hesitation or reservations. Because it was the only option he had.

"You opened the gates," Itachi's voice was dripping with poison. Sasuke didn't flinch.

"Yeah. I know you're better than I am at everything, Itachi. So I did the only thing I could to win," he said it without remorse, "I opened six of them."
He had been pushed away, long enough for Itachi to draw his ninjato. Sasuke came in hard, almost too fast for his brother to see. The flickering image of dark hair contrasted with pale skin had been the only warning the older brother had received. He reacted, slicing across the approaching blur with all the strength he possessed. Sasuke's Sharingan eyes had picked up the counter, but he was unable to avoid the blade. That same speed that made him near-invisible trapped him into making his moves too fast for his reflexes to allow for adjustments.

So he batted it aside with his hand. It had cut off the last three fingers, but it had not slowed his momentum appreciably. He was almost positive that Orochimaru would be extremely irritated that his perfect host body was missing fingers. Sasuke didn't care anymore.

He didn't need that hand for the Daishishi Rendan, anyway.

And here they were. Both of them broken and battered, neither one able to move, and waiting for Orochimaru to come and claim his prize.

"As much as I wanted to be, aniki, I am not you," Sasuke laughed bitterly, "I just couldn't kill anyone for this technique, you know. It has to be my closest friend."
Itachi was looking at him now with an expression that clearly asked for Sasuke to cut short his self-aggrandizement and get around to the point. It was a cold and cruel look, and Sasuke had to force himself to stop his recoil. But he mastered himself, imagining his skin as steel, his soul hard as diamond for what he had to say.
"There was only one person who ever got close enough," he smiled, a bittersweet smile, "Aniki, you are my closest friend."

The implications hit his older brother quite squarely in the face. His callous expression went slack and he drew a breath, perhaps to denounce him as an idiot or to tell him some other vague nonsense, but it didn't matter anymore, because Sasuke had said what he wanted to say. But the look in his brother's eye shocked him as all the walls and defenses fell away, leaving nothing but the fragile core of Itachi's mind.

Then the elder's face broke into the first true smile he had smiled in years. He looked ten years younger. A dry rustling noise reached the younger Uchiha's ears. It took him a moment to realize that the gentle twitching of his brother's shoulders and this odd noise was laughter. Uchiha Itachi was laughing.

"Brilliant," he said, his voice low and breathy. He had always been a great admirer of efficiency, and this was just perfect, as far as he was concerned. "I underestimated you, otouto," his eyes were smiling along with the rest of his face. Sasuke could only nod.

"Forgive me, Sasuke."

They were silent again, and Sasuke began to wonder when Orochimaru would show up and ruin this perfect moment.

The elder brother broke the stillness for the first time, "Why'd you do it?"

Clearly caught off guard, Sasuke said the first thing that came to his mind. "Do what?"

"Throw everything away," he imagined the other waving his hand in an expansive gesture, "you had everything, you know."

"Che," Sasuke rolled onto his side with great difficultly and stared directly as his brother, "I lost everything I really wanted," he chuckled, "Sakura… that stupid girl… she offered me everything if I would just stay." His brother raised an elegant eyebrow and Sasuke answered his question, "She even went so far as to offer her body… but when she started kissing me, all I could see was mother and father… and I just… couldn't put my hands on her body. So I pushed her away and left Konoha as fast as I could."

Itachi said nothing. He was absolutely awful at being sympathetic. The word 'pathetic' was in there, and nothing about the renegade Uchiha was 'pathetic.' But he did understand. Comprehension was his gift.

"So I came after you, because this has to end, Itachi. I can't keep living looking over my shoulder, expecting to see you there," he shook slightly, "I can't keep living knowing that you're still alive and free and able to do it again."

His brother looked away and Sasuke trailed off into silence.

So softly, the words trailed on the edge of Sasuke's hearing. But they cut through his consciousness like a chidori, "Did the Hyuuga keep his promise?" It was almost like his brother was uncomfortable with the subject.

"Aa. It's been dealt with."

Truth be told, Itachi was not comfortable with the topic of conversation, but he found his thoughts to be straying to it more often these days. It wasn't so surprising, he figured, but it was… irritating that his mind drifted so frequently, even if the topic did fill him with this odd sense of pride.

Sasuke was talking again, and he had to focus hard to bring himself from his memories, "It'll fulfill our clan's destiny, just like you wanted." A small, satisfied smile crept onto the elder Uchiha's lips and Sasuke knew better than to mention it. His brother might raise those impenetrable defenses and then he'd be lost again.
"Did you love her?" Instantly, Sasuke regretted asking. His brother's eyes hardened and looked away from his face. Cursing himself a fool, the younger brother shifted himself closer to his only living relative.

"I could ask you the same question," Itachi snapped, his voice clipping each word precisely, betraying his anger.

"Gomen," Sasuke mumbled, looking away to hide the pain washing over his face, "I shouldn't have asked. It's just that…" he sighed and swallowed his pride, "I don't know what love feels like anymore… and I was wondering if you knew… it was wrong of me to ask."

Itachi did not look back at him, "I don't know," he answered, "I just might have." His little brother didn't respond, but he knew that he felt the same way.
"Why did you leave her?" Sasuke queried.

"Why didn't you stay with her?" Itachi countered. Sasuke had to admit he had a fair point. They both had things to do. Itachi was a wanted criminal and couldn't bring that down on her head. Sasuke was an avenger without a chance first, and a person a distant second.

He had pushed Sakura away, yes, but he had asked a favor of Naruto, just after the blonde boy turned sixteen.

"Naruto," he said suddenly, "Don't ever stop loving her."

"Huh?" the blonde had mumbled, his eyes squinted in confusion, "What the hell are you talking about now, Sasuke-baka?"

"Don't stop loving her," the raven-haired boy repeated, "because I'm going to be gone someday and she'll need you."

"Bah," Naruto scoffed, completely missing the point, "you're not going anywhere as long as I'm around, Sasuke!"

All Sasuke had done was turn around and walk away, smiling ever-so-slightly.

Because he knew Naruto would care for her and protect her. It's just the way the kitsune-boy was. And because Sasuke, as much as he was loath to admit it, was concerned for the pink-haired girl. Sasuke may have been cold and had to experience emotion through other people, but he was extremely observant and objective. He understood Naruto; he could see past the shell that he erected around himself and he knew the blonde's inner-self very well. It hadn't been enough to crack Sasuke's own shell, but it had been enough for the Uchiha to call the Uzumaki friend.

So he had left, because he knew that if he stayed too much longer, he would have to kill one of them. And he just couldn't handle losing so much again. But everything was complete now, except for one last detail…

"Itachi…" he spoke softly, so as not to startle his daydreaming brother. Itachi snapped back to focus so quickly, Sasuke was left wondering if he had just imagined it, "I have to ask you a favor."

When his brother didn't respond, the younger man took it as the go-ahead, "I want you to kill me."

"What?" Itachi half-spluttered, clearly surprised. Then he composed himself, "Why?"

"Because I promised Orochimaru he could possess my body after I killed you. He's been suspicious of me for a while now so he made me swear that I wouldn't injure myself in anyway, otherwise I'd do it myself," he looked back at his brother, onyx eyes burning into ebony with an intensity it hurt, "I don't want him to get the Sharingan, aniki. I've seen how horrible he is first-hand and I know now how much suffering my betrayal will cause everyone. I can't do anything about it now, but the least I can do is make sure he never gets his slimy hands on it," he was pleading now, his brother having reassembled his impassive façade, "But I need you to kill me, aniki."

"You…" Itachi's throat was tight and he couldn't quite explain to himself why, "should just go back to Konoha. She would take you back."

"Why are you resisting, Itachi?" Sasuke pulled himself a foot closer, "You killed our entire clan in one night, why is it so hard to kill me as well?" Itachi looked away, unable to bear his brother's intense gaze. "Is it because we're so close? Is it because we're brothers? What, Itachi? Tell me!"

He spoke softly, his voice raw with suppressed emotion, "I could not kill the one person who cared…" Sasuke's jaw dropped, "You always used to care, Sasuke… when you were a small child, I could see that, even though you were foolish and young. You were the only one who was interested in me as anything other than the perfect Uchiha or the perfect killing machine or the perfect ninja. Everyone was so afraid of me, frightened by my incredible genius, but you were oblivious to the way everyone looked at me with those cold, frightened eyes."


"I can't kill you. I wanted to run, to escape far away from the clan… and maybe to start anew… but I could not abandon you to their capricious desires, otouto. You have to understand Sasuke, I did it all for you."

"B-But why?" he stuttered.

"They would have broken your spirit Sasuke, even more assuredly than I have buried it. They would have made you their puppet. Your life, your habits, your wife, your home, all of it would have been dictated by a clan full of weaklings perpetuating their own weakness. And father would have made me the Clan Head. It was my responsibility as the first son. So you would have been living the life I chose," he shook his grey-haired head, "I do not believe that I have the strength to do such a heinous thing to you."

Sasuke looked on with barely disguised sorrow. His brother had never admitted any feelings for the younger man, but he had always thought, deep down, hidden away in some secret corner of his heart, Itachi cared for him. And now, just hearing it, hearing the words, was almost too much. He had fled from emotion for so long that it took everything Sasuke had to root himself to the spot and listen. Goddamn you Itachi! You could have just taken me with you!
"Aniki," he said after a while, "I don't understand you at all."

"That's alright, otouto," Itachi replied softly, "You're foolish. It will pass someday."

The younger Uchiha shook his head, his eyes tearing. "Itachi-nii-san." They both knew a lie when they heard one. Because there were no more 'somedays,' not for either of them. Itachi would die this day, and Sasuke would be possessed by the most heinous of villians.

Damn Orochimaru to whatever depths await him! Orochimaru was a malignant blotch upon the face of creation, and Itachi instantly regretted not excising the nefarious cancer when he had the chance.

Would it be any different than before, if he abandoned Sasuke for the comfortable oblivion of death? How would that be any less of a betrayal than leaving the boy in the clutches of the clan? If anything, it would be even more of a slight, for Orochimaru's plan for Sasuke was far more dire and repugnant than any the Uchiha could have assembled.

"What about…" he trailed off, unsure how to ask what was on his mind. The subject was embarrassing, because Itachi didn't really want to care about it, but he found that he couldn't help but be disturbed by the thought of it. That hardly mattered, for Sasuke had already figure out the question anyway. It took him a moment to formulate an answer.

"Sakura's taking care of it," then, almost as an afterthought, "Naruto will be enough to stop Orochimaru." Itachi raised an eyebrow and he decided to elaborate, "That idiot surpassed me long ago…" his eyes shone with bitterness for a second, but they recovered quickly enough. The Uchiha always hated to lose and their youngest scion was no different.

The elder brother thought on this. If the Kyuubi boy was really enough to kill Orochimaru, then Itachi had no reason to be concerned. For a second, he doubted Sasuke's word, but decided that his brother knew both men and their relative strengths better than he. It was rather difficult to imagine any man surpassing the might of a sealed demon, so he put the thought out of his head. He took a deep breath, "I will do as you ask, Sasuke." His brother looked up, and for a second their eyes locked.

They moved quickly and without further words, Sasuke finally dragging himself to his hands and knees. With his help, Itachi reset his dislocated shoulder, grunting as a fresh wave of agony tore through him. He bore it as stoically as he could. Flexing his fingers experimentally, Itachi nodded, satisfied with their performance.
"Don't bother," Itachi said as the younger boy attempted to shift the compound fracture of the other arm, "It's fine as it is."
He pulled himself onto his brother's stomach, because Itachi couldn't sit upright anymore and Sasuke couldn't stay up without the use of both hands. The elder man hissed quietly, but did not complain further.

"For what it's worth, otouto, I'm sorry." He seemed to understand that it meant absolutely nothing anymore. But Sasuke just couldn't bring himself to be angry anymore. The sheer hypocrisy of lecturing his brother about betrayal, after all he had done, was laughable. It made him chuckle nervously.

"How?" Sasuke asked, gesturing to Itachi's good hand.

"Karyuu Endan." The dark eyebrows of the younger man rose. "One-handed seals."

Itachi began twisting his fingers into complex seals, one after another, until he had completed somewhere close to thirty. The difficulty of performing a jutsu with one-handed seals is increased because they lack the stability of two-handed seals when it comes down to molding the chakra. For such people as Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Itachi, with their near-perfect chakra control, they can easily use the single-handed seals in place of the normal, two-handed ones. In some cases, they might even transcend the need for seals altogether.

Sasuke's good hand locked together with his mangled hand in a series of seals. Even missing fingers, the flow of the Chidori was so familiar it was more second-nature to summon it. Hardly required effort, really. The blue lightning coalesced around the splayed fingers of his perfect hand, painting them both in the cold wash of electric light.

"I never figured it would end like this," Sasuke said.

"I hoped it would never end like this," Itachi replied.

The Chidori plunged down through Itachi's chest, vaporizing his heart and left lung in a blaze of azure lightning. But not before the Karyuu Endan burst forth, charring Sasuke's skin and immolating his body instantly in a bonfire of chakra.

Though his body was covered in flames, Itachi could make out his younger brother's slight nod of satisfaction before he slumped off to the side, dead before he hit the ground. His vision narrowed down to a pin-point, but Itachi's powerful genius mind held on just long enough to hear approaching footsteps. He smirked, truly satisfied that all had gone well and all his affairs were in order.

His eyes slipped closed and darkness took him.

"Aniki," a voice called to him. He jumped, startled for a second, thinking that he had just been somewhere else, and that voice had been very different. He looked behind him to find a seven-year-old Sasuke standing hopefully, arms behind his back.

"Today, you were going to teach me Shuriken Jutsu…"

He paused, unsure of what to say because he knew he had to say something. Didn't he have something to do today? Someplace to be? Wasn't he in a forest? And… dying? For the life of him, he couldn't remember. It bothered him. A strange sensation of deja vu hit him and he closed his eyes tightly until it passed.

"Aniki?" Sasuke interrupted, unused to being blatantly ignored, "Are you alright?"

Itachi released the breath he had known he was holding, "No, otouto. Everything is fine."

They left the house together that day. 


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Sephy & Cloud Part 2~!

"We promise we won't let anything happen to you." said Vincent, lowering Cloud into the northern cave.  Cloud remained silent and determined.  The dreams were going to stop today.

Cloud landed unevenly, almost tripping.

The mist was obnoxious. It was like a thick grey velvet.  A deep, calm voice reached through the mist.

"Hello...Cloud." Sephiroth's voice broke the still silence.  Cloud jumped slightly.

"I need to ask you something." said Cloud sternly, he paused, and a chill went up his spine, waiting for a response.  Sephiroth gave a look as to go on. Cloud took a deep breath. Sephiroth sensed this was going to take a while so he sat on a nearby boulder, crossing his arms over his chest.

Cloud remained standing.

"I've been having...strange dreams...that involve you, and I wanted to know...have you been causing them?" asked Cloud.  Sephiroth had a strange glint in his blue-green eyes. He seemed interested.

"Hm...what kinda of dreams were they?" asked Sephiroth very deiliberately. Cloud almost stopped breathing.  Cloud felt the blood rush to his face.

Meanwhile Vincent was smoking his heart out.

"Slow down on those. You'll turn yur lungs black." said Cid softly, walking over to Vincent and taking the pack away from him.

"Um...well...they were dreams of a ....sexual nature." said Cloud, avoiding all possible eye contact. Sephiroth walked over to Cloud, who was casting an ignorant blind eye to him.

"Yes...I've been making you dream those 'aweful' dreams. You didn't enjoy them?" sneered Sephiroth pervertedly, the smile looked odd on his pale face.  Sephiroth raised his hand up to the sky, summoning a high, tornado strength gust of wind.

"The Highwind!!! Cid...! What's with the turbulence!?" exclaimed Vincent.

To be continued.

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Anime Party
     Yaoi Expo

Part 1
Sephiroth & Cloud:
Jesus, how may times has this one been done?
(I swear these titles are priceless.)

Characters- Sephy, Cloud, um...Cid...Don't ask me why the hell I added him in this one. I'm thinking of making it a two parter & popping Cid in there some how. vincent's in this one too. yay for Vincy!!!

Summary: I'm gonna stop making this summary's cause they ruin the story.I will say

Part 1


"The nightmares won't stop. It's as if Sephiroth is trying to contact me..." explained Cloud. Cid lit up another cigerette.

"Well, shouldn't you go confront him then...?" asked Vincent.

"About sexual dreams?" retorted Cloud. Vincent snatched the pack of cigerettes out of Cid's shirt pocket and plucked out his own cigerette. Cid didn't protest, hell he lit it. Cid took a long drag off of his own cigerette.

"How bad do they get? Like how far?" asked Vincent.

"Far enough for me to be scared shitless." said Cloud. Cid let out a snort of laughter.

"It's not funny! It's sick! And disturbing..." said Cloud. Vincent let out a few smoke rings.

"I still think you should go talk to Sephiroth about it." said Vincent.

All heads snapped in Vincent's direction.

"What?" asked Vincent innocently. "If it's not the case then you're fine. If it is then you're screwed." Cid let out another snicker.

"Literally." sneered Cid, grinning. Cloud scowled in his direction. Cloud didn't find this the least bit funny. Cloud was positive that if Cid had these awful dreams, he wouldn't be laughing in the slightest bit. However Vincent seemed to understand better, even though he was coming up with odd solutions to his predicament. But then, Cid became serious.

"Vincent's half-right. If you go see Sephiroth, and ask him about it, one of two things will happen. One: he gibes you a funny look and walks away. Two: well things get nasty. HOWEVER, you've got to remember something. You've put the smackdown on his crazy as too many times to be beaten in a different fight, and if nothing else, Vincent and I 

sorry everyone gotta cut his one short


Orochimaru: Hello everyone and welcome to Anime Party: yaoi expo. Thank you Itachis_Blood12! I finally have my own part!!! yay!

Itachis_Blood12: you've had your own part, dumbass. you're a member.

Orochimaru: and?

Itachis_Blood12: I should have never given you this expo.

Orochimaru: ;3 Tee Hee!

Itachis_Blood12: What kind of evil, crazed villian says 'tee hee?'

Orochimaru: a gay one.

Itachis_Blood12: good point. so what now? its YOUR expo.


Itachis_Blood12: lets see here...screw you.

Orochimaru: pleeeeeaaase???

Itachis_Blood12: *sigh* fine. here.

Sora & Riku: Hidden Love?

Characters: Sora, Riku, and Kairi.

Summary: Ok, fine Orochimaru you get your story. (Orochimaru: yay!) Shut up. When they're in the beginning of the whole ordeal, on the island, if any of you have read the comic or played the game for that matter you will know that the suspision of more than a friendship with Sora and Riku is frightningly evident. So I decided to play with this lovely enigma of a relationship. In Orochimaru's words: Tee Hee! ^_^

Warning: I might not finish this one in time. I'll continue it in the next entry if at all possible.

Sora & Riku: A Hidden Love?

Kairi looked, over the sleeping Sora at her feet. Why was he such a slacker?

"Wake up already!" exclaimed Kairi, giving Sora a gentle kick to the side.  Sora's eyes fluttered open suddenly.

"Huh...?" asked Sora dumbly. Kairi sighed. 

"It's time to wake up, sleepy head!" Riku needs you for something." said Kairi, kicking Sora again, a little harder this time.

"Alright, alright. Did he say what he needed?" asked Sora, getting up, brushing the sand off his pants.

"No, not really. He just said to meet him at the secret cave." said Kairi, running her fingers through her hair. "You should hurry. You know he doesn't like to be kept waiting."

"Yeah. Thanks, Kairi." said Sora.

"No problem!" exclaimed Kairi, running off.

"Hm. I wonder what he needs me for? 

To be continued next entry.